Amounts 2, In Review

After nearly two years in (Part time) development, Amounts 2 has finally been sent off to Apple for review. This will be a free update to all users, and I think everyone will love it. The UI has been overhauled to support the new screen sizes, icons have been updated, and now the app supports all the latest iPhone hardware features including 3D Touch shortcuts and Peek/Pop. There is also an Apple Watch app for those of you sporting an Apple Watch this year.

Review should hopefully be completed by the end of this week, look out for more information on this blog.

Amounts 1.0.3 Bugfix Update

It has been a while since I have updated this page! I just wanted to let people know that there was a change to sqlite in iOS 8.2 that has caused issues with Amounts. I’ve just submitted a small bugfix update to Apple that should hopefully go out next week.

In the meantime I will give you a little update on me, a year ago I accepted a mobile development position at TelTech. They are a great company building awesome telephony software, personally I have worked on both TapeACall and SpoofCard, so check those out if you need an awesome call recording or call spoofing app. I really love working with the team there and we have some great new software in the works.

I have also been working on a huge amounts update that I started work on over a year ago. It includes new location based features, an iOS 8 widget, new visuals, new searching options and more! It is really pretty awesome and I think everyone will like it. I’ll be posting new information on this soon!

Dogemate Bugfix & Features Update

It has only been a few days since Dogemate was released, but has made a slight change to their API that broke the USD price checker. Yesterday I submitted version 1.1.0 for an expedited review so hopefully it will be available soon. The new version adds both currency conversion and two new Bitcoin exchange options.

Just hold tight, a fix is on the way!

UPDATE: The app just went into review yesterday, but unfortunately it has received the dreaded “app requires additional time for review.” So in the meantime the bitcoin prices are still working.

UPDATE 2: The app is still in review, but dogeapi has reverted the API so USD prices should be working in the app store again!

Dogemate released, iBuzz update and Amounts news!

dogecoinSo I have been doing a little random work lately, first of which is Dogemate. Dogemate is a super simple Dogecoin price tracker for the iPhone and soon Android as well. Just open the app and see how much your doge is worth in USD or BitCoin. Don’t know what Dogecoin is? It is a cryptocurrency similar to BitCoin – a huge network of computers that process a bunch of hashes to ensure transactions are secure and valid. It is basically like cash for the internet age.

The next item is the iBuzz update. iBuzz is just how it sounds, a buzzer app. Lost the buzzer to Taboo or other board games? Replace it with this free app! This version cleans up a lot, the app is now designed for iOS 7. All the sounds have been redesigned to loop perfectly and sound better along with adding a few new items. There is also now an option to remove ads if you find you use the app a lot.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 1, 2014, 11.24.14 AM

The last and biggest news item is Amounts 1.1.0 – this is going to be a huge update! I am not going to announce the new features just yet, but they are quite awesome. For now I just have a screenshot with the improved UI – it feels a bit lighter with a bit more negative space. I am really excited about this update and I thinkyou will really enjoy the new features.

So that is all the news for today!

Amounts Full Text Search!

Full text search in AmountsSo I have once again been working on making Amounts the definitive expense tracker for iOS! The latest feature is full text search. This will allow you to find old transactions extremely quickly – you can search by category name or description. At the top of the search bar there is a header row that will give you the total of all the returned transactions. So if you want to see how much you spent at just Starbucks now you can!

In a future update I will be adding some time based parameters so that you can look at just certain time periods like the previous week or month. But for now you can quickly get through your transactions.

I also made a few speed optimizations – the main transaction list now doesn’t load all transactions by default, when you scroll to the bottom (Which should show around two to three months of transactions) you get the option to load all if you need to see older ones.

I still have some big things planned for upcoming builds, so stay tuned!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It is the end of the year again and it has been a great one for me, I hope 2013 has been good to you as well. To celebrate, TargetTap is on sale for 99 cents, so if you don’t have it you should definitely pick it up.

And for those of you getting started on your New Years resolutions, Amounts can help you get a jump on your finances for 2014. I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday this year! Merry Christmas to you all and see you next year!

Amounts 1.0.1 in the App Store!

Amounts 1.0.1 has been approved and released into the App Store. This is mainly a small bug fix update, but it does include a major new feature: CSV export! You can now easily export all transactions or just transactions in a specific category (Say business expenses for example) for all time or a specific date range.

Amounts, available now!

Amounts-120Amounts is now available worldwide! I have spent the past few months working on this app and I really like it. It is my take on personal expense tracking. I wanted something that was fun and easy to use, extensible yet still looked great and I think I came pretty close.

I have plenty of updates in mind for this app, so stay tuned for new features coming in. In the mean time you can buy it now in the App Store for $2.99, here.

New app, new site, new logo!

Hey everyone! It has been quite a while since my last update. Recently I have been quite busy working on a new app and also working on some contract work as well. But I finally have some news to post.

First would like to announce my newest app, Amounts! Amounts is a personal expense tracker. You enter your daily transactions as you make them and place them into your own personalized categories. Later on you can examine how you have been spending over the past few days, weeks or months. It is designed for iOS 7 and I think it is really great. If you are looking to take control of your spending you should definitely check it out. It is already approved and will be released next week, on Thursday December 11th.

Next is the new site. I have wanted to redesign it for a while, but now I finally did. The new design is responsive so it works beautifully on mobile and desktop. I really wanted to go with something clean and simple and this is what I ended up with.

The last thing is the new logo, or should I say updated logo. I tweaked the colors, simplified the shapes and got rid of unnecessary lines. Overall it just fits in with the cleaner look that I am implementing across the board.

So that is all for today. I will be posting updates more frequently now that my site is actually functional, so be on the look out!


MagBall for Ouya: A Game Jam Debriefing

My original intent was to write a blog post every day during the jam, but unfortunately I was so involved in improving the game I just couldn’t find the time. Instead I will just give you the whole story in one shot. So here begins the story of MagBall.

The Rules

logoFor those who don’t know, the Ouya is a new Android based game console that was recently funded on Kickstarter. The main tenant of the Ouya is to be a completely open platform – anyone can make games or software for it and anyone with the console can use it for whatever they like. The hardware is not locked down like the 360 or PS3, so anyone could create their own custom software for it if they so please.

The Create Game Jam is being put on by both Ouya and Kill Screen magazine. The rules are simple, create a fun game in 10 days and you can win a plethora of prizes ranging from an Ouya development console up to $20,000! Needless to say, the prizes are very enticing for a 10 day contest.

The Idea

I started with nothing except for a simple idea. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that you have four controllers hooked up to a single TV screen. Many Xbox games today are limited to online-only multiplayer which is great, but it is not the same experience as when everyone was gathered around the same screen to play games like Mario Kart or Goldeneye. Everything is filtered through the internet. So my goal was to create something that fostered friendly competition among four people in the same room.

Off of the idea of same-screen multiplayer I decided that I didn’t want to create something that has been done over and over again…so I skipped over the dual stick shooters and side-scrolling platformers. I am not much of an artist so I also wanted something that could involve a fairly simple theme. I also wanted to utilize the physical controller as much as possible to really differentiate it from a purely mobile designed game.

MagBall Concept DesignAfter a bit of brainstorming I ended up coming up with an idea that I wanted to base my game on: Magnetism. From that I decided to allow each player to control the push/pull of their magnetic field. Then it seemed quite obvious to make a sports type game where you have to push a ball around. The theme of robots seemed to be a nice fit as robots are much simpler to create art for than humanoid characters. It would also be easier to allow for customization/replaceable parts in the future. You can see my initial idea page to the left. Please excuse my terrible handwriting.

The Jam

Originally I was planning on using Futile and doing a 2D game, but given I was already using Unity I decided to go for 3D. It would be my first actual foray into 3D, other than when I played around with OpenGL back in high school. After a few hours I had a working prototype with some boxes pushing around a sphere. It seemed pretty fun as long as I could refine the controls and physics.

In my first design for the game I put the goals on the floor, with a little lip the ball had to go over. This proved problematic as the ball would often not go over the edge, or you would end up launching it across the map. At this point I decided to move the goals to the walls. In the actual game I will probably support multiple goal types, but for these 10 days it was just beyond the scope.

RollBot ModelFor me one of the hardest parts of the jam was actually figuring out where to spend my time. Between graphics, AI, controls, physics, music and sound effects it was a difficult balance. If I do another jam I will probably look for a partner who can take over on the graphical aspects. But I did end up doing a little bit of modeling in blender, and I don’t think it ended up being too bad for such a short period. UV mapping proved to be a bit too much for me to handle, so I resorted to using some cell shading effects in the final game to give it a more unique look.

The Issues

So what went wrong? Many things. The Unity plugin for Ouya is in very beta state and had some issues. It was even updated once during the competition. I ran into problems upgrading to the new version, in getting Xbox controller mappings working in the simulator, and getting controllers working on actual Android hardware. Luckily I had two people in the Ouya forums to actually test my game on Ouya hardware and see that it works.

I also implemented Futile for the games 2D UI elements. This went alright until the very last day when I did some reorganization of my scenes. I put the Futile script on the OuyaGameObject which unfortunately caused the controllers to stop working, but only  when playing on the actual device. So I did not find out till a few hours later when I built for my Nexus. The Game proceeded to not work and I spent around 2 hours fiddling around until I found the culprit.

There is also still a lingering issue. Input is currently passed from the Java ODK to Unity via JSON snippets…which is terrible for performance, every single move of an analogue stick and button press is passing a string from Java to C#. I found it to be fine on my Nexus 7 with one controller, but I am afraid it may cause issues for four player games on the Ouya. I left the option in there anyways, hopefully the judges can at least play a few minutes before the game starts lagging out.

The last big issue was AI and making a decent opponent to play against. I just ran out of time for this because of the time spent fixing the controller issues. Right now the AI is a simple state machine, but since the AI team members can’t communicate yet they end up doing the same thing most of the time, unless you move the ball around a bit to get one in a different state. This will be fixed in the full game of course, but for the jam I mostly wanted to focus on the multiplayer aspect. But the AI is there…just not all there.

One more thing, my YouTube video. In the last few hours I was fixing bugs and other small issues I ended up having about an hour to get a video together. Seemed doable, but I forgot that my Macbook Air was low on SSD space (less than 2GB free…) This caused my computer to essentially freeze up while trying to import footage onto an external drive so I ended up taking video straight from the camera directly on to YouTube. I was hoping to have something a little better, but at least it shows off the gameplay.

The Conclusion

Overall I am pretty happy with what I accomplished over the period. I hope the judges like my game and can see the potential in the idea.

As for the game itself, its future is on hold at the moment while I do some client work to pay the bills. If it becomes a finalist and wins me an Ouya dev console I will definitely try to get it ready for launch day. If it wins a monetary prize I will surely be doing that. If it doesn’t get anywhere then I will probably still complete the game at some point, but with much lower priority. Not having test hardware makes development really difficult as the feedback loop is so slow.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to support my game by sharing its page: Magball!